GREAT TO RECONNECT with former Ateneo classmates this Memorial Day weekend through a Viber group: Andy and Rio Denoga, Joel Cocjin, Cynthia Mendoza, Nick Cruz, Ric Mateo, Dennis Garcia, Tom Falgui, Raffy Vargas, Leng Apostol, Meong Mendoza, Bobby Montemar, Tony Galvez, Alfred Potenciano and Alex Liu, Jr.--kindred souls all in different professions and parts of the world, brought together by this lockdown and memories of our Ateneo days more than four decades ago.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Safety Days

THREE DAYS OFF EVERY TWO-WEEK pay period (designated as "Weather and Safety Leave" uncharged to an employee's annual and sick leave balance), plus buddies from the largely dead airport joining us at the seaport starting today, are welcome reprieves to essential seaport workers who have been showing up for work day in and day out despite the coronavirus pandemic. My imagination had my eyes glued on that vile swarm on a metallic sign shield, trying to figure out what the heck they were. Were those spotted lanternflies that had invaded Red Hook through a cargo ship from Philly? A portent of new bugs to come, already here? Even the blue sorbet king of the Queens neighborhood was not horsing around. After all, Port Authority boss Rick Cotton, Cuomo's buddy, already got the virus. Just be safe, all!

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