Wednesday, May 2, 2018


LAST WEEK'S GOOD and "bad" news from home. WTF? The threatened is now a threat? In their natural habitat? Like grizzlies in Yellowstone? Some idiots have no sense of the limits of their corner in the universe. But what can you do? The government's Gene Pool Farm and National Park program has a tendency to be tourist-oriented, and Far Eastern University's "Save The Tamaraw" campaign has ambiguous goals and is largely only symbolic, owing to the animal being its mascot. For more hands-on and meaningful involvement, check out AZA Ungulates' Tamaraw Conservation Program or contact Brent Huffman ( or James Burton ( to volunteer, donate or get more information about the project. Veterinarians, educators and funds for local community ranger salaries and camera traps to monitor tamaraw populations are needed.

A tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) on Mt. Iglit-Baco contemplating a deadly saga-saga shoot after a mud bathPhotos by Gregg Yan

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