GREAT TO RECONNECT with former Ateneo classmates this Memorial Day weekend through a Viber group: Andy and Rio Denoga, Joel Cocjin, Cynthia Mendoza, Nick Cruz, Ric Mateo, Dennis Garcia, Tom Falgui, Raffy Vargas, Leng Apostol, Meong Mendoza, Bobby Montemar, Tony Galvez, Alfred Potenciano and Alex Liu, Jr.--kindred souls all in different professions and parts of the world, brought together by this lockdown and memories of Ateneo days more than four decades ago. And Norm Cabrera wants me to join his Cervini-Eliazo Viber group. Lux in Domino is bright.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Memoriam

TODAY MARKS THE 10TH death anniversary of friend and neurologist Tom McNorton, founder of Hawaii Center for Sleep Medicine and former Ateneo biology classmate. He and his brother Mike were my mother's special guests in Pinamalayan in the mid-70s, eating native chicken butchered by late cousin Ernesto (Is that cat?), snorkeling rocky Pili's reef with bloody soles, telling cousin Bong to turn his jeep's engine off and economize on gas as we drove downhill to a fishpond in Matulatula, giving up on climbing the "stairway to heaven" at the base of a hill in Pola, puking on that cramped jeepney ride through winding roads going to Puerto Galera. Last time I saw him was in the early 90s at a dinner of chicken papaya prepared by his wife Rose in their house in Kailua. He bade me take $300 to help me get established in Honolulu, but it didn't work out and I haven't paid him back. Godspeed, Mick!

Tom (holding a Polaroid photo) with brothers Chris and Mike in Fraser, Michigan

Mililani, Hawaii

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