Friday, February 2, 2018

The Other Manilas

TWO HISTORIC BATTLES OF MANILA were fought in the month of February. From Wiki: "The Battle of Manila (1899), the first and largest battle of the Philippine–American War, was fought on February 4–5, 1899, between 19,000 Americans and 15,000 Filipinos. Armed conflict broke out when American troops, under orders to turn away insurgents from their encampment, fired upon an encroaching group of Filipinos. Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo attempted to broker a ceasefire, but American General Elwell Stephen Otis rejected it and fighting escalated the next day. It ended in an American victory, although minor skirmishes continued for several days afterward. The Battle of Manila (1945), fought on February 3–March 3, 1945, was a major battle of the Philippine campaign of 1944-45, during the Second World War. It was fought by American and Filipino forces against Japanese troops in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. The month-long battle, which resulted in the death of over 100,000 civilians and the complete devastation of the city, was the scene of the worst urban fighting in the Pacific theater. Japanese forces committed mass murder against Filipino civilians during the battle. Along with massive loss of life, the battle also destroyed architectural and cultural heritage dating back to the city's foundation." To commemorate these events, and because it was too cold to do anything outside of the house on my day off, I scoured the internet for images of the seven towns in America also named "Manila". With the exception of the one in California, which was founded at the end of World War II, they all got their name from the American victory in the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War--to celebrate the acquisition of a new territorial possession whose capital city they would raze to rubble decades later? My wish is to visit all seven towns and send mail to my New York address with their postmark.

1. Manila, Arizona--population unknown (Navajo County)
Abandoned Texaco gas station in Manila, Arizona
Abandoned trailer in Manila, Arizona

2. Manila, Arkansas--population 3,055 (Mississippi County)

Downtown Manila, Arkansas
Manila, Arkansas Middle School girls' basketball team

3. Manila, California--population 1000 (Humboldt County)

Manila Dunes Recreation Area, Manila, California

Manila, California road sign

4. Manila, Kentucky--population unknown (Johnson County)

Manila, Kentucky Skate Shop

5. Manila, Missouri--population unknown (Pettis County)

Manila, Missouri map T-shirt

6. Manila, Utah--population 310 
(Daggett County)

Manila, Utah road sign
Manila, Utah road sign

The town of Manila, Utah

7. Manila, West Virginia--population unknown (Boone County)

Willie Stollings Cemetery, Manila, West Virginia

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